Who We Are!

As the former owner and founder of one of the largest online maternity clothing companys, I understand what is needed to make a women owned business successful. As the mother of 3, I understand the battle between being a good mom and tending to your business. As the wife of a husband in remission from cancer I have fought to create a succesful venture that allows me to take care of my family. As a result of my experiences and battles is a succeful ecommerce consulting company called Pure-Ecommerce.com.
Pure-Ecommerce.com is a truly one of a kind type of business. We offer complete turnkey ecommerce businesses that when purchased you receive a personal ecommerce consultant to mentor you. Pure-Ecommerce takes a great domain name, designs a site, contacts the vendors that fit the target market of the site, load up all the product which are dropped shipped so you hold no inventory, do the initial search engine marketing and then sell the site.

Once the site is purchased we work one on one with the client taking them step by step through every aspect of setting up, running, and then growing their online business. We basically build a complete turnkey business that offers pure drop ship product offering, turn it over to the client and mentor them in a step by step fashion.

Starting an online business can be overwhelming and quite confusing. We offer women and men the abiltiy to purchase a completed business along with a step by step mentoring process. This allows our clients to make their dream of owning their own business a reality while having a personal consultant hold their hand throughout the process.

All of our turnkey businesses are drop shipped-so the client holds no inventory. Our sites have great success and many rank on page 1 of google for their main keywords.

Our sites can be viewed at www.pure-ecommerce.com.

My BackGround:

Exactly eight years ago and three weeks after I was married my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the young ago of 29. After being given a slim chance at life and told we would never have kids, my husband and I proved the doctors wrong by becoming pregnant 1 week before chemotherapy would begin.

After being told we would never have children and than realizing the doctors were wrong, I was so overwhelmed and thankful I thrived on every moment of my pregnancy. From that passion and excitement for my baby came my idea and dream to open a maternity clothing store.

As a result, four years later, while pregnant with my 3rd child I started that maternity clothing store from my kitchen table. For once, not being able to sleep worked in my favor and within 3 months I launched what would be my first company.

My first month I did $7000.00 in sales that same month a year later I topped $100,000.00 sales. It was a crazy unbelievable year of hard work and incredible blessings. I have since sold that company and now I consult one on one with individuals interested in getting started online.

My knowledge, my history online, my success but most of all my mistakes help me guide you in what to do and what not to do...

I am honored to help others get their dream of owning their own business up and running. Their excitement rewards me in a way I never knew was possible.

I am now a WAHM to 3 beautiful children and my husband of 8 years is cured. The secret to success can truly be just hard work and belief in yourself . A belief in yourself and hope will change your life-just let it.

Thank you for considering Pure-Ecommerce.com

Rule your Life-Own your own business!

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