Pure-Ecommerce Introduces a Series of Success Stories

What is the name of your site?


What do you sell?

Greeting cards, gift enclosures, monogram stationery and boxed set greeting cards, patented greeting card soaps, organic botanical and soy candles, women's t-shirts and tank tops, baby clothing, tote bags

What got you interested in selling this type of product?

I have always loved and appreciated paper goods, greeting cards, the little details in packaging as well as, designing and making my own clothing and invitations. With a background in fashion and interior design, a love for creating, writing, and people it seemed natural for me to start my own business in the greeting card industry. It's an industry that allows me to combine all the elements I am most passionate about into one small package. The greatest joy is knowing that through each of my products I have helped people to connect with one another in a positive way.

What are you future plans in terms of product offering?

My focus is to continue to grow my business with my current product line through my wholesale reps across the country and my online sales.  I have new products in development which will be released next May at the National Stationery Show in New York. My dream is to eventually add home decor products to my line.

What do you enjoy most about running your online ecommerce business?

As a single mother and entrepreneur the flexibility of running an e-commerce business is priceless. There is nothing more precious than family or friends and spending quality time with them. This business allows me to do what I love and have the freedom to spend time with all those that matter most in my life.

What part did Pure-Ecommerce.com play in the creating of your business?

Pure-Ecommerce.com helped me to bring my vision to life by building my website Simplicite Greetings and teaching me how to successfully run and maintain it on my own. Prior to finding pure e-commerce I had zero knowledge about websites, shopping carts, SEO, online marketing, or social networking. Both Jennifer and Jeff were very patient with me and gave me the skills to effectively run my online business. My web designer Amber was also amazing and together they really understood how to build a website that reflects my products. I get compliments on my website everyday and I personally could not be more pleased with my results.

Thanks Julie...We enjoyed working with..Your site is adorable and we love your concept! To visit Julie's site go to http://www.www.simplicitegreetings.com


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