Pure-Ecommerce.com CEO Pregnant with Breast Cancer Turns Adversity into Triumph

Pure-Ecommerce.com CEO Pregnant with Breast Cancer Turns Adversity into Triumph

No one should have to deal with cancer but when it hits while pregnant it can be especially devastating. That is exactly what happened to the President and CEO of Pure-Ecommerce.com. In August 2009, just a week after returning home from Chicago where she was celebrating 10 years of her husband being free from colon cancer himself, Jennifer was diagnosed Breast Cancer. Her first thought was, “I recently found out I was pregnant…this can’t be happening. There was this flood of emotions. At first I was terrified for not only myself but my husband and three children. I was confused and that confusion led to anger. Anger, that at the age of 36, we had already fought my husband’s cancer 10 years before and now I had to go through this diagnosis yet again but now while pregnant.”

The days and weeks following her diagnosis weren’t easy. While pregnant she had to undergo two surgeries including a mastectomy as well as enduring six months of chemo therapy. In the middle of her chemotherapy treatment regimen, Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy. She had this to say about her experience, “No one should ever have to fight for their life while creating one. Despite this horrific time, I feel I’ve arrived on the other side and am cancer free. My baby is perfect and I feel better than I ever have. I feel so incredibly blessed to have this perfect little boy.” Jennifer, ironically, gave birth to Kilian Scott Varner on January 18th, 2010 a year to the day that she herself found her cancer. On January 18th, 2009, during a self-exam, Jennifer noticed a lump. She was able to get into the doctor the next day, but he didn’t consider it to be anything…he missed it.

Despite being pregnant and going through chemo, Jennifer continued to work and run her company, Pure-Ecommerce.com. Though at times she was tempted to pull the covers over her head and not work, she found tremendous inspiration from watching young children go through treatment with such grace and bravery. “Without a doubt, being bald, nine months pregnant, and having one breast was not fun to say the least. Each and everyday was a struggle for me physically but in particular emotionally. However, all I had to do was see or think about those beautiful children fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses and I would muster up the strength to go on. I knew I had 100 things to moan about but I had 1000 things to be thankful for.”

In an effort to give back to those beautiful strong brave children that inspired Jennifer to fight, the Kilian’s Kids Foundation was formed. KiliansKids.com will provide computers and iPods to children fighting life threatening diseases as well as their caregivers.

Anyone fighting a life threatening disease or cancer will attest to the fact that countless hours are spent driving to and from the hospital as well as in the hospital and doctors offices. Jennifer spoke from experience when she said, “Your world becomes the illness. By providing computers to those fighting for their health we hope to be able to provide these children with some entertainment, a way to connect to the outside world, keep up with friends, write email, play games, and even keep an electronic journal. Laptops allow these children to connect while waiting for their appointment or while sitting receiving their treatment. It even allows them to play educational games on the computer while driving to and from appointments.”

Pure-Ecommerce.com will purchase its first round of computers for KiliansKids.com by holding an auction for its turnkey website stylishmodernliving.com. The bidding will run for 30 days. The highest bidder will receive the business as well as complete consulting provided by Pure-Ecommerce.com. The proceeds will go to purchasing lap top computers as well as Ipods for children of various ages. To place a bid simply go to http://www.kilianskids.com.

Pure- eCommerce specializes in helping first-time entrepreneurs create successful online companies using their “business in a box” solutions. Each turnkey business from Pure- eCommerce includes the Pure E 10 Step Consulting Process, which features 40 hours of one-on-one consulting in a step by step process that covers every area an ecommerce business owner needs to know about to make their business a success.

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About Pure eCommerce

Pure eCommerce is the first and only company to specialize in turn-key, complete e-commerce solutions. Pure eCommerce also provides professional ecommerce consulting, search engine optimization services and custom turnkey business creation. Founder Jennifer Gault-Varner is currently writing an e-Book, titled
"The WAHMs Online Business Guide." and just recently created the Kilianskids.com foundation.

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