Pure-Ecommerce New Years Eve Message!

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of your continued success into 2011. I love New Years Eve-it gives you such a sense of hope and possibilities.

Last year at this time I was bald, nine months pregnant, and going through chemo. Fast forward a year and I have more hair then I know what to do with, in great shape emotionally and physically, and see life differently now. I have a joy and sense of peace that I didn't know existed. I am happy-truly happy. For me there is not enough time in the day to achieve what I want to do. I am constantly pushing myself to achieve goals both personally and with my business. After having to fight for my life, I now want to live it full force. I wish I learned this prior to cancer. Go big or go home really has intense meaning for me.

I share this with you because no matter what you might be going through personally please know that time does heal and in 1 year your entire life can change. You get to choose the direction of your life and by choosing to start you own business you have taken that first step towards Ruling Your Life by Owning Your Own Business.

Spend some time over the next couple of days and make a list of some goals for your business. Make another list on how to achieve those goals. Dreams are one thing-but the action plan is how those dreams will be achieved.

Choose now to be successful! Choose now to do whatever it takes to move your business to the next level.

Choose now to seek out happiness and joy in all you do!

I wish all of you blessings and joy in 2011.

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