Take Part in a 35 Billion Dollar a Year Industry-Own Youw Own Online Pet Boutique

According to Entreprenuer.com, "Many people treat their pets like their children so following that logic, most products that people want for themselves, they'll want for their pets. Look at recent trends in the industry--organic foods, homeopathic products, luxury accessories--and you'll easily find they mirror counterparts for human folk." In 2005, Americans spent over $35 billion on pet supplies and services. This figure is projected to approach $37 billion in 2006 and surpass $43 billion by 2011, an average annual growth rate

(AAGR) of 3.4% from through 2011. Purchase an ecommerce pet business for yourself! Pure-Ecommerce.com currently has 3 turnkey ecommerce pet boutiques for sale.

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