Why Now is the Time to start an Internet Business?

Is it your long time dream to have an internet business of your own? You are thinking twice because of fear, not enough skills, or even possibly lack of money. There are so many great reasons why now is the time to start an internet business.

Competition & Saturation
You often hear about too much competition on the web or that so many industries are saturated. Though this is true one you should be looking at the competition as a whole. How many web stores are truly doing it right with a well-designed site and solid quality product offering? Further, keep in mind your only true competition is who is on page one and two of Google because if you’re going to be successful online that is where you’re going to be!

Recession and Slow Down in Growth
Yes, our country has been through one of hardest financial times in history but despite the grim statistics internet sales were up 11% this year and are expected to grow higher for 2011. Starting an internet business during a time of recession really just means you have nowhere to go but up.  Because of the recession advertisers have had to lower their costs to appear in their magazines and online blogs benefiting the first time internet business owner. Also, so many brick and mortar stores have gone out of business which also meant the online portion of their business went down as well creating space for new internet businesses to enter the space.

Start Up Costs and Over Head
Starting an online business allows you very little startup costs and very little risk. Startup costs can be as low as $4000.00 to $5000.00. By drop shipping a business owner doesn’t have to carry inventory which makes overhead as little as $40.00 per month. Down that road if you don’t like running an ecommerce business and as long as you have kept it up you can simply sell it for probably the same if not more then you paid to start the internet business

The fact is there has never been a greater time to be online and create your very own profit making online business. There may be a lot of competition going on, but there are also many ways on how you can get more customers online. There are tools and various technologies as well as internet marketing techniques that was established to make all your work easier.  At this point you have nowhere to go but up!
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