Always Wanted To Create An Online Business But Have No Idea Where To Start? can take your idea for an online business and turn it into a complete business in box.

Always wanted to start your own Internet business but clueless where to start?
Does working full-time leaving you no time to create the business of your dreams?
Pure-Ecommerce specializes in creating custom turnkey websites for our clients.
If you have an idea or concept you always wanted to develop, Pure LLC can help get you online with one of our custom turnkey website solutions.

How it Works:

Present to Pure LLC the concept or area of trade you want to base a business upon. Then choose from the options below to determine what you would like LLC to build into the site.
Decide what portion of the project you would like Pure-Ecommerce to complete and what part you feel you can do. can do all or some of the options listed below - you decide. Once you determine that, we’ll provide you with a quote. We have several packages to choose from or we can create a custom quote for you based on the exact services you need.
If you decide the quote works for you, LLC will then send to you the terms and conditions of the agreement and we’ll get started.

Services we offer:

Design your website
Research vendors that fit your target market and brand
Provide a Vendor List
Establish the Relationship with the Vendors
Load the Products, Descriptions and Keywords
Do the initial Search Engine Optimization Work
Fill in the content on the site
Business Card Template
100 one way links
Matching Banners
Matching Newsletter template
Matching Blog
Matching Twitter Template
Hook up your Social Media
Full Pure E Consulting/Coaching package - up to 40 hours!

How long does it take to complete a Custom Turnkey Website?
We can't say exactly how long it will take because it depends on many factors, but average time is 6-8 weeks depending on the intensity of the project.

Why Work with Pure Ecommerce LLC?
As the former owner and founder of one of the largest online maternity stores on the web, I have been where you are and I can help you understand the process, avoid costly mistakes, and help you achieve the level of success you are hoping for.

The benefit of working with Pure Ecommerce is we take you step by step through the Pure E Consulting process. We teach you every aspect needed to create, run and then grow your online business. In addition to creating your website, we are there to hold your hand and teach you everything you need to know to have a successful first year.

What are my average monthly costs?Merchant Account: $25.00 - $30.00
Hosting: $12.95- $20.00
800 Number: $5.00 Average
Newsletter Provider: $5.00 Average
Advertising: To Be Determined
Why is it less expensive to build a custom turnkey website versus buying one of your existing turn key sites?

First, you are coming to LLC with your own concept and domain name. Second, websites are like real estate – it can take time for the domain name to generate traffic, so the longer a site sits on the web, the more valuable it becomes.
Do you only create sites in the children industry?

No, we work in many industries. To confirm we work in the area you're interested in getting involved in please email or call us.

How does the sale process happen?
1) You get a sale
2) You send to the manufacture/designer
3) They ship the product out directly to the customer
4) The vendor then charges your card. At this point you have already charged your customer and should have your money.

How do I make money?
On average our products are doubled in price so you have 100% margins. So if the wholesale price is $50.00 you charge the customer $100.00. Your margin is $50.00. Some vendors do have drop ship fees. You can work those in and we go over this is the consulting process.

I want to move forward-what is the next step?
Let’s talk via the phone so we can get a quote together for you. Visit our site at for more information.

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