Why do I have to Twitter?

Clients often say to me that they don't want to twitter. They complain that they don't know what to write about, or they just don't get it! Using Twitter is a lot simplier then some of us make it out to be. It can be a bit intimidating at first because it's not something your use to or understand. Once you master the tweet machine you will feel comfortable logging on each day and throwing down some benificial tweets that help aid in marketing your business and getting your message out.

Let me attempt to break it down for you in the easiest language possible.

The POWER of the PEOPLE and The Tweet

You create a post that is so interesting and exciting , or so benificial to others such as great coupon, over the top deal, or really exciting new product, that others feel excited to retweet about.

You send out a tweet to your 500 followers, then of those 500 followers they retweet to another 1000 of their followeres, then a certain percentage of those 1000 people retweet it to their followers and on and on and on. Before you know it a simple little tweet has now been presented itself to thousands of people.

SEO People

Twittering has some really good seo value. For that simple fact alone you need to twitter!
You should twitter 2-3 times per day.
Your tweets should range from personal and fun to something that is worth retweeting about.

Don't Go It Alone
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