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It was exactly eight years ago when my current “tag line” was born out of my own desire to and excitement over beating the odds and ruling my own life. It was then that, being a newlywed of only three weeks, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  At only 29 years old, we were told that he had only a slim chance at life and that we would never have children. We were devastated... but also determined.  And the doctors were wrong. 

One week before chemotherapy was scheduled to begin for my (now healthy) husband, we were blessed with the news we were expecting our first child.   I was completely overwhelmed and thankful at the same time. The flood of emotion and excitement for my new baby birthed something brand new in me:  the dream of opening my first online business, a maternity clothing store.

I didn’t jump in right away.  It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third child that I started that maternity clothing store from my kitchen table. For once, my inability to sleep worked in my favor,  and within three months I launched what would be my first online company.

My first month, I did $7,000.00 in sales. That same month - just one year later -  I topped $100,000.00 in sales. It was a crazy, unbelievable year full of hard work and incredible blessings.  My business grew at a pace best described as fast and furious. Despite being very successful, we made every mistake under sun when it came to running an e-commerce business. It’s these mistakes, combined with the lessons learned, the shortcuts discovered, and the strategies implemented in this business that built the foundation for

At each of our turnkey websites for sale come with our full consulting and mentoring process, so your business growth can be much more smooth than our own... with less questions and more sleep!  We base our consulting process  on all of the areas we know you need to master in order to run your business successfully.  No detail is overlooked.  We use our own knowledge, online experience and incredible success to guide you in what to do (and what not to do) when running your own ecommerce business... Many businesses claim to offer “consulting” packages with their turnkey websites for sale.  None come close to matching our own.

My sincere motto is "Rule Your Life-Own Your Own Business". Owning an online business allows you to work from any location in the world and whatever hours work for your schedule.  An online business allows you freedom that a brick and mortar business could ever allow.  Our turn key boutique websites for sale and our turnkey ecommerce websites for sale provide you with this freedom and opportunity.

I am now a WAHM to four beautiful children, and I'm happy to report that my husband of ten years is cancer free.
I am honored to help others realize their dream of launching and growing a successful online business. Working with people who are - like me -  committed to defying the odds (in life and in business)  and ruling their own life rewards me in ways I never imagined. Sometimes, the secret to success is simply hard work and confidence.  Believing in yourself and having hope will change your life if you just let it.
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