Ceo and Founder of Talks About Her Leap of Faith to Become a Entrepreneur!

The benefits to working in corporate America are not what they used to be - specifically for many working moms. The goals of many public companies are geared to stockholder dividends and cost cutting initiatives - it is more challenging than ever to be innovative in the current business climate. Add on the desire for many working moms to have work/life balance while still looking to contribute at the office and all of a sudden the corner office is not as attractive as it used to be. The current challenges in the business world was the inspiration for Ink & Paige’s founder leaving corporate American and starting something on her own.

“I spent my career working with some of the world’s best brands - growing their business, their customer base and increasing their revenue. Now was the time for me to leverage my years of experience and take that knowledge to my own business - a business that I have a personal passion for. That led to the launch of Ink & Paige..

There are many personal stationery websites out in the marketplace. What sets Ink & Paige apart is its founder, Paige McCrensky. Ink & Paige is edited like a magazine - with a very clear understanding of who the customer is and then curating the site to meet the needs of that customer. Looking for stationery and personal gifts on the web can be overwhelming and time consuming. Ink & Paige’s point of difference is that every product, designer and vendor has been hand-selected with Paige’s sense of style. The customer can find what they are looking for without having to click through countless pages of products that do not meet their needs.

Ink & Paige reaches a very specific and attractive target audience of discerning women who are trend setters, have a point of view and like standing out from the crowd. They appreciate the impact of a first impression and love the thrill of creating something new. They take special pride in their family and see their home and accessories as an extension of their personality.

Paige McCrensky has both the experience and passion to create a successful online business. She has worked as a Marketing Executive for the past 17+ years with some of the top brands in the world (American Express, Dove Soap, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Tennis and Real Simple magazine to name a few). She has created world-class events, integrated marketing programs for Fortune 500 Companies and launched new magazines into the marketplace.

“I am so excited to launch Ink & Paige. I get to combine my personal passion, event expertise and my marketing experience to do what I love.'s product mix offering is a combination of smart, playful and stylish products. My goal is to bring a point of view and unique sense of style to stationery while delivering exceptional customer service.”

Part of being a successful marketing person is having not only a smart business plan, but working with top experts in their fields to help your business meet your goals. Ink &Paige has not only hired top copywriters and designers, but also hired an SEO and website expert to help launch and support the site.

Paige hired Pure-ecommerce to help create Ink & Paige. “It’s critical to realize where you expertise is and where it is not. By hiring Pure-ecommerce as my ecommerce/SEO consultant I was able to launch faster, smarter and better. It was a wonderful complement to my traditional marketing background and Jen Varner and her team were a pleasure to work and collaborate with”.

“Planning parties and creating unique invitations is a constant in my life and career. I am a mother of three wonderful girls. Each birth announcement, party invitation and personalized thank you note has been carefully thought through to reflect each child's personality and the theme of the party. I've had the luxury of creating unique invitations that have helped define my life. I want Ink & Paige to be the place you trust to bring the same level of thoughtfulness and creativity to your celebrations!”

Ink & Paige

Invite, announce, and delight with style

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