Mother’s Day is special for every Mom. But for Jennifer Varner, it’s so much more.

Her first child was conceived AFTER her husband was diagnosed with stage three cancer and given a grim prognosis: a slim chance at life and no chance at conceiving children. The doctors were wrong on both accounts.
When pregnant with their third “impossible to conceive” child, Jennifer decided to “Rule Her Own Life” and have more freedom by launching her own ecommerce business. Her “little venture,” launched from the kitchen table of her home, brought in $7000 of business in month one and grew to gross over a million dollars in sales. “I was able to do this with a lot of hard work and a mild case of insomnia,” Varner smiles.
But, she also made a lot of costly mistakes, took some proverbial wrong turns, and learned valuable lessons that could have made her success smoother, more profitable and more consistent had she known them ahead of time. After the sale of her first company Jennifer launched which provides turnkey boutique websites to others seeking the freedom and opportunity provided by online business… and won’t sell a site without including her fully customized ten-step consulting process that shares everything there is to know about building an online business. “It takes a seemingly complicated and confusing process and makes it paint-by-numbers simple. Will it be easy? No. But, can we simplify it? Absolutely,” says Jennifer.
Fast forward to pregnancy number four: baby Kilian. It was during (and because of) this pregnancy that Jennifer received another scary diagnosis and this time, it was her own: breast cancer. With three children and a husband at home, a thriving business, and all of the busy-ness that comes from being a MOM, Jennifer set about the task of protecting her own life as well as that of her unborn child. With graceful determination, audacious hope and undeniable “grit,” the Varner family beat the odds again.
Jennifer Varner is available to discuss the miracles and challenges of motherhood, how it changes every life it touches, and how your family can give you the PUSH you need to Rule Your Own Life by Owning Your Own Business. To learn more about the internet sites for sale at log on today to

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