Pure-Ecommerce Introduces Our ELearning Library

Pure-Ecommerce.com is so excited about the launch of our new Elearning Library. Now all consulting clients, clients who purchase one of our website businesses for sale,  or any client choosing to do a custom turnkey website business with us will not only have access to our 40 step by step consulting process but they will also have access to the library.

The Elearning Library will house all of the steps in the Pure-Ecommerce.com consulting process as well as additional learning materials, seminars, webinars, articles, and additional learning information.

Jennifer Varner, CEO and founder of Pure E had this to say about the new Elearning Library, "We wanted to offer our clients additional learning materials helping them to continue to grow their knowledge of running a website business. The web is constantly changing and as a result Pure-Ecommerce is changing and learning as it grows. We want to be able to pass that information onto our clients in an organized and easy fashion."

Each week additional information will be added to the Elearning Library. Clients can simply log in and check out and read the information in their own time.

For more information on purchasing a website business for sale or to learn more about Pure-Ecommerce.com Elearning library log onto www.pure-ecommerce.com

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