Whose Afraid of a Little Competition Anyway!

I often have potential clients interested in purchasing an ecommerce business, but are scared of the competition on the web for that particular type of product they hope to sell. Fear is powerful and will stop us for just about any big leap of faith or dream we may have. Understanding that your speaking from a place of fear is important.

With that said, YES there is a lot of competition on the web for most areas of retail. Let's face it, to get online with a website these days is easy.  But have you looked around at these sites? My guess is 70 to 80 percent  of these sites are not ecommerce websites that YOU, yourself would shop on. They are unprofessional, not updated, no way to reach the owner, and just don't give you the warms and fuzzies about shopping with them.

The remaining quality sites that you would consider true competition is what you need to study. How can you find a way to slide inbetween these particular potential competitiors. What will you do different?

If your trying to find a reason to not live your dream and start your own business then sure let fear of competition be that excuse. But if your dedicated and highly motivated to rule your life and own your own business look past that fear. Be confident that YOU can be different in how you present, offer, and sell your products. Be confident in your ability to work hard and to make your business a success. Let that fear motivate and drive you to a level of success that most will NEVER know.

I was a school teacher with not a spec of business experience when I started my first ecommerce business. That business grew into a multi million dollar a year ecommerce business. The industry I was in was HIGHLY competitive. My competition made me mad... I wanted to be the best. I refused to accept anything but.... I worked and maketed and studied my competition! I DROVE my company to a level of success that was acceptable to me..

Be confident...Be driven...and DON'T let fear rob you of your ability to Rule Your Life and Own Your Own Business!

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