Does Making a Customer Sign In Result in them Abandoning Their Order

Clients sometimes request a cart that offers the ability to make the customer sign in and register prior to completing their order. Having run my own ecommerce retail business that required you to " create an account" I must admit I grew to HATE carts that required you to log in and register.


1) Customer sees that you have to "create an account"to complete the order and takes off! They wanted to move through the order process quick and this added step frustrates them.

2) Customer may begin the process of creating the account or sign in and gets frustrated with error messages and leaves!

3) A returning customer comes back and uses the password he or she created for the account and it now doesn't work. They get an error message and leave.

4) A returning customer can't remember their password and has to have a reminder sent via the company. While waiting for the reminder email they abandon the order.

One of the reasons customers shop online is for ease and of course saving time. Making a potential customer sign in and create an account is just one more step that might cause frustration and result in the customer abandoning their order. With an ecommerce business you want to bring the custom to the product with the fewest amount of clicks and you want to get them through checkout with the fewest amount of steps!

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