I want to buy one of your Internet Businesses for Sale but Is this a Scam?

I want to buy one of your Internet Businesses for Sale but Is this a Scam?

I am always fighting this question with a smile on my face and kindness in my heart.  It doesn't matter how many top notch magazines I appear in, how many television shows I am interviewed on, how many references I offer, I still get this very question.  BUT  only from certain people.  What I have really learned is that deep down people know it's not a scam, they just are nervous about taking such a big step...their fear is bigger then their ambition and if they use the excuse that this may be a scam then they have an out, an excuse.... I always feel so bad for those perspective clients. Fear is horrible..It takes aways dreams, drains your excitement, and robs you of a potential future doing something you love. We all know that there are thousands upon thousands of successful ecommerce business owners. Ecommerce businesses work if run  by those who are passionate and knowledgeable about running an internet business.

If you want the same life doing the same thing -DON'T DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT.

If you want a different life with an exciting  plan and dream for the future-PACK THAT FEAR AWAY and STEP OFF THE CLIFF!

This past week I had surgery. I am a breast cancer survivor and it was now time to begin my reconstruction process. I didn't have to have the surgery. I could have remained the way I was and trust me it took an act of God for me to actually go through with it. I was scared....REALLY scared.  But I did my research and found one of  THE BEST surgeouns in the world who specializes in what I wanted done.  I trusted myself and had faith in my decision. Though the road to recovery will be hard I am SO proud of myself for making this decision. I am SO happy with the new me. I am SO proud I looked fear in the face and said NO WAY! This is my life and fear will NEVER stop me from living the life of my dreams.

In ANY situation there is a 100 reasons why to NOT do something but 10000000 reasons why TO DO IT. Ask any successful person if they have any regrets...Pretty sure you know the answer already to that question.

If you choose to not do something out of fear of failure....You already failed....

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Carol said...

Jen...This is a great post. Kudos to you for 'stepping off the cliff'!

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery~


sameerr allii said...

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