Getting Over Your Fear of Starting an Ecommerce Business....

The number one reason people don't start or buy an ecommerce business from is fear.  I always feel so bad when potential clients share with me their fears. Fear gets you no where.

Potential clients often want success rates of my past clients. Since is NOT a franchise and we have been in business for 5 years it would be impossible to keep track of our clients numbers. But one number I am sure of is 100% off all our successful clients took the first step and started an ecommerce business. On the flip side,  100% of the potential clients that didn't start an ecommerce business out of fear has NOT been successful.

Once you decide to  not move forward with your dream or goal out of fear you already failed!

When I was told I had breast cancer my life sort of flashed in front me..Regrets  of things I didn't do started to creep up in my mind. But my regrets revolved around my children and not being able to see them grow up, or see their children. When I thought about my life personally I was happy. I had lived more in 36 years then most do in a life time. I had traveled the world, ran successful businesses and reached a level of financial success I had hope to reached. I got there with good old fashion HARD WORK and the ability to OVERCOME my fears and BELIEVE in myself... Not being successful wasn't an option.

Believe in yourself, push yourself beyond your limits of being comfortable, take the steps to change your life and live the life you always dreamed of.

Rule Your Life...Own Your Own Business.

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