Why Purchasing and Owning an Ecommerce Business a Good Investment...

Potential clients are always wondering what their income might be in owning an ecommerce business. I always encourage clients to not only take into account their monthly income this business may bring but to also think about their exit strategy, as well as the overall investment an ecommerce business might bring.

If and when you decide to sell your ecommerce business, you need to consider the sale of the site as a profitable return on your investment. Web businesses are like real estate and the longer they sit in Google, the more value the site gains.  As the site sits in Google and gains rankings the value of the site increases.

 If you purchase an ecommerce business, run it successfully, as well as continue to build up the search engine optimization, your business will be worth considerably more then what you paid for it.

So in addition to bringing in a monthly income, an ecommerce business will have considerable value if and when you decide to sell.


-Work your site consistently
-Build up a search engine optimization and marketing strategy and implement it daily
-Continue to work your social media strategies
-Blog regularly and consistently

Pure-Ecommerce Client Case Study:

One of Pure-Ecommerce.com first clients was a client named Melinda. Melinda had no ecommerce experience but she was driven to stay home with her 4 children. She purchased one of our first ecommerce businesses for sale. She made a consistent monthly income for over 3 years. She then sold the website for close to 7 times what she paid. So not only did Melinda earn an excellent monthly income, but she was able to sell the site only 3 years later for an unbelievable profit.

Would she have made this type of a return on her investment in the stock market or real estate. Absolutely not, in fact she probably would have lost money.

This type of case study is why I am so passionate about ecommerce businesses for sale.

1) Overhead is low
2) Work schedule is flexible and easy
3) If you decide you don't like what you are doing you can simply sell your site
4) If you don't have time to work the business you can train someone to do so for you
5) You not only make money monthly but your long term investment can be realized when you decide to sell you business. 

For more information on purchasing an ecommerce business for sale log on today to Pure-Ecommerce.com

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