10 Reasons to Choose Pure-Ecommerce.com

1) The owners of Pure-Ecommerce.com have been where you are and where you want to be! We founded, created, and successfully ran a multi-million dollar-a-year web business that we were able to sell after only 3 years.

2) Jen Varner, owner and founder of Pure-Ecommerce.com was one of the first works from home mom owned website business owners. Jen went from the kitchen table to running a full blown successful catalog business and ecommerce store. Her first ecommerce business grew into a million dollar a year business within 2 years of starting the company.

3) Pure-Ecommerce.com has over 10 years’ experience on the web both creating and running ecommerce website businesses.

4) Pure-Ecommerce.com has been featured in many top shelf magazines including Forbes, Women Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Magazine. Please read through our reference page or request a list of our recent press releases.

5) Pure-Ecommerce.com is one of the ONLY companies offering 40 hours of ecommerce consulting with the purchase of one of our turnkey businesses. We are here to coach and mentor you through the process, one on one, helping you create a successful online business.

6) Pure-Ecommerce.com has a consulting process that is done in 10 steps and is both written out and done via the phone. Clients also receive business organizational tools, access to webinars and seminars, press opportunities and unlimited access to our NEW E-Learning Library.

7) Pure-Ecommerce.com has a PERFECT record with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is the only valid online review site. To post to the Better Business Bureau you must show proof that you have purchased from the company you are writing a review on.

8) Pure-Ecommerce.com provides our clients unlimited access to our E-Learning Library which offers ongoing education, webinars, seminars and additional learning materials.

9) Anyone can start an online business. Anyone can purchase an internet business for sale... By purchasing from Pure-Ecommerce.com your greatly increasing your chances of being successful. Our clients are 50% more successful then someone starting an ecommerce business without consulting and training.

10) Working with Pure-Ecommerce.com allows you to step into a complete, ready to go, business in a box without having to spend months building a business. Purchasing from Pure-Ecommerce.com allows you to get started NOW versus months or years down the road.

If you are dreaming of opening an ecommerce website business but feel overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to get started Pure-Ecommerce.com is here to help you start the business of your dreams and then mentor you through every step of the process.

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