We recently interviewed Kamini Gocool the owner of Dressy Girl Kouture.com. This interview gives you more insight into her business and her experience with Pure-Ecommerce.com. Read more.....

What is the Name of Your Internet Business?
Dressy Girl Kouture, LLC

What do you sell?
Latest Designer Dresses for baby girls to mother-of-the-bride, bridal dresses, special occasion Dresses, Designer Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, Accessories. Everything Dressy.

Why are you passionate about this type of Internet Business?
I love getting all 'dressed up' for special occasions and I love shopping but sometimes we are limited to where we can find a variety of Dresses, let alone Designer ones that are in season...often people are shopping at the same store and they end up wearing the same dress or last season's style. No one wants that...every Girl should feel like she is the 'Bell of the Ball'...that special feeling of all eyes are on her when she makes her entrance. I want to provide that to my customers. 

Where can potential customers go to shop at your website business?

What is your Facebook address where people can follow your site?

How has your experience with Pure-Ecommerce.com helped launch your website business?
Pure-ecommerce took my ideas and dreams and made it a reality...I've had sales before my business was even launched. I am now prepared with the tools & confidence to manage a successful online business.

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