The DIRTY TRUTH About Starting an Online Business

Owning an online business can be a source of tremendous freedom.  I believe that having an online business is really the only type of business that you can own and truly be free.  If you have a traditional business and have to report to an office, studio, or store each day, then how is that different than working for someone?  The responsibilities and overhead can be very restriciting.  If you want to truly be free, free to travel the world, free to work your own hours, free to live your life while running your business, an online business opoortunity is the was to go!

Here are 5 common myths and truths about Starting An Online Business.

Myth:  To get online can be easy...Pop up a website and start selling...

Truth:  WRONG.... It's not that simple and that type of thinking can be a very costly mistake in the long run.  So much goes into creating and running a succesful ecommerce business.

Myth:  Acquiring vendors for a drop ship business is easy.

Truth:  WRONG...vendors are picky about who they choose to represent their products. They want quality clients who lend to building and protecting their brand and products.

Myth:  I am going to build an Internet business and traffic will come.

Truth:  WRONG...You have to understand and be knowledgable about how to perform search engine optimization, online and off line marketing , and the use of social media to bring traffic to the site.

Myth:  I am only going to carry products I like.

Truth:  Wrong...this thought is actually SO wrong.... I see this over and over and I feel it's a huge mistake.  Who told you your taste in a product line is the only taste out there?  NEVER let your ego get in the way of good business.  Define your target market and carry a wide variety of products that fit into that defined group.  You can always modify your product line and/or niche, besides you're not going to truly know what sells well on your site until your online business has been running for a period of time.

Myth: I can just use one of those sites that pop up a template site and start in business.

Truth: WRONG..sure you can do that but if you truly understand how seo works. Having a duplicated design is going to work against you in Google.  Once you "pop" up your site what's your plan for bringing traffic? Be SURE to have a strategic plan and do your own research before trying to go it alone! Also, when you use one of those site builder sites do you actually OWN your website design? Can you move the site when you would like? Can you add custom features to your cart and site? Be sure to ask as I think you will be surprised as to the answer!

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