Pure-Ecommerce Review-A Great Way To End The Day!

I was thinking today how lucky I was to do what I do! It's such a great feeling to take part in the excitement of someone starting their first  internet business. The possibilites and hope for the future that is involved in being an Entrepreneur is a feeling that can't be described.  What a blessing to help others take this step.

Then this evening I received this amazing email from one our new clients! What a great way to end the day!

Hi Jen,

I just wanted to take a few minutes this evening to share with you how awesome my experience has been so far with Pure-Ecommerce, Earth Girl, Mals-e and CSI.   Although I am only just completing Step 2 tonight and getting ready to begin Step 3; I have to say that everyone I have communicated with up to this point has been so very responsive, friendly and knowledgeable!

I first began researching how to begin my own internet business about 9 months ago, and I was very skeptical with most of the businesses I came across who offer to get people going in the world of eCommerce.  In my constant search, Pure-Ecommerce always seemed to just pop up.  I spent a good three months learning about your company before I sent my first email asking for pricing and information.  After digesting that information I took another few months to find reviews and feedback as well as contacting the BBB for their input (I only found one complaint online and after reading through all the posts I realized that person had their own personal issues).  After all that I then reached out to a few people I knew in the eCommerce world to gain some insight into my desire to start my own eCommerce business, and to my surprise when I mentioned that Pure-Ecommerce was the route I was considering, all were onboard with that being a sound business decision.  Your site seemed too good to be true and I was honestly looking for someone to tell me it was, but they didn't!

I'm extremely happy with the decision I made to purchase littlegiftbasketboutique.com and I wanted to share this with you because most of the time people send emails to complain about something but few take the time to actually communicate when things are good and they are satisifed.  I believe it is important to recognize good things, and you, and everyone that works with/for you are just that.

This decision was huge for me but after talking with Jeff before finally purchasing my website I knew I was making a solid decision.  Pure-Ecommerce has taken away the un-easiness that is often felt in making big decisions that involve life changes.  I look forward to further building a solid relationship with you, your company and everyone in it.

Thanks for taking time to read through this!



Nicole Mantzke |Owner | Little Gift Basket Boutique, LLC

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