Every Excuse Under the Sun..Why Starting a Business Brings Out the Fear! Don't Let it....

Every day I talk to 2-3 people who WANT to start their own business. We run through their questions, expectations, ideas, and concerns. There is one common denominator that holds people back and makes a potential client decide NOT to move forward with starting a business - it is fear.

They are so fearful that they won’t succeed. The way I look at it is if they decided never to start their business due to fear, didn't they already fail?

They are scared that ecommerce won’t work. Umm, this is 2012, I think we can pretty much rest assure ecommerce is the way of the future.

They want to know much they can profit from starting their own business and the unknown scares them. The best way to overcome this fear is to turn this around by taking a look at how much you WANT to make and devise a plan to get there!

Another typical fear I hear from prospective clients is they are scared they will lose money. Well, yes that could happen, but how about the fact that you can actually make money and a lot of it.

To be successful in any business or new endeavor in life you have to believe in yourself and in your abilities. You have to be passionate and excited! Do not let fear rob you of your future. If your child came to you and said I am not going to go to college because I am scared, scared of the unknown, scared I won’t get good grades, or scared I won’t get a job. You would ensure your child that these fears were baseless and that he would do great. Why can't people reassure themselves when it comes to their own personal goals and dreams?

Be brave, be very brave and live your life…. live your DREAMS! You may just find yourself living a life you always wanted and being fulfilled in more ways than you never dreamed!

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