Everyone Is Losing their Job-Why Owning a Business is the Only Way to Secure Your Future!
Unemployment is now near 17%! Everywhere you look you hear about someone who has now lost their job.  It’s so frustrating and sad when your friend who is in his 50’s, and has worked hard his whole life to create a career and savings account, has now lost it all due to his company downsizing. What’s worse is to watch this friend not be able to find work despite his perfect resume and unique job skills.  It’s a common story that we are hearing over and over.
I can’t help but think what if he spent the last 19 years working on his own business? Where would he be now?  Or, what if he just had a part time business in addition to the career he was building?An insurance plan of sorts and gravy on top of the income he was making?  I am a firm believer that anyone and everyone can, and should, have their own business. Owning your own business offers a  great back up plan, it’s a long term investment, it offers great tax write offs and IT YOURS! You’re Future! Your ability to build wealth for yourself! And NO ONE can ever let you go!

Though there are pros and cons to any business situation, owning an internet business allows the least amount of risk with the greatest amount of payoff.

-You can run an internet business while still working full time
-An internet business offers the same great tax benefits as a traditional business
-Very little overhead
-Very little initial risk
-Very little initial investment
-Great Long Term Investment
-You can sell your business at any time with ease
Downside to Owning an Internet Business

PLEASE…. There are none!  And if there are, the fact that you are securing your future OUTWEIGHS all the downsides!
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