Announcing the Pure-Ecommerce 2nd Annual Survive & Thrive Business Giveaway

I hate breast cancer!!! I hate it with every fiber of my being. I have lost so many friends and continue to do so to this awful disease. Yes, I am also a survivor! The color pink used to be my favorite color-now I hate it. But this year, three years after my diagnosis,  I decided I am going to start loving it again! I decided that I can now move forward with my life and focus on giving back to other survivors. I want to bring some positivity to survivors and help put an end to this terrible disease that 1 in 3 women will one day have.

This October, through my company,, I have decided to offer the opportunity to a women with breast cancer to enter to win an ecommerce business. I want to give someone the opportunity to move on with their life. I believe the winner of the Pure-Ecommerce 2nd Annual Survive & Thrive Business Giveaway will have the opportunity to be focused on and excited about as they look to the future. I want to empower a women and give her hope as she moves on and recovers from this life changing disease. Most of all I want to give back and give a women the vision to look towards to a future that can be bright and full of possibilities.

You see after you get cancer you really wonder how long you have left to live. You count down the days & years. You beg God to let you see your child’s graduation, or your grandchildren grow up. You wonder while being frozen in time praying your health improves. Our goal is to offer one person the ability to start a new life and work towards a new future. More details will be posted on our website the last week in September. If you are a survivor of breast cancer or know someone that is, please share this post with them.  To view more information visit our site at

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