I Have Moved to Maui! See ya later!

In the last 12 years I am pretty sure I have been through just about every major tragedy a person could experience. Sometimes I am often shocked that I can stand and put words together.  As most people know my life as a married women started with cancer. My husband was diagnosed 3 months after being married. Fast forward to his 10 year anniversary I myself got breast cancer....while pregnant.... Fast forward 3 years and I am now happy, healthy and living in Maui!
The bumps along the way include:
  • Separation
  • Loss of a baby
  • Going broke and about 2 steps from being homeless
  • Losing my home
  • 4 years of wondering if my husbands stage 3 cancer would return
  • My own diagnosis of breast cancer
  • 3 years of surgeries, treatments, and fear
  • Birth of my fourth child while undergoing chemo treatments
When I look at the above list I can't help, but chuckle. I mean seriously.... Both my husband and I had cancer at a young age? Both times I am pregnant!  I could very easily feel sorry for myself. However, the truth is, my life is a walk in the park compared to some people's journey. I have nothing, but awesome blessings surrounding me now and there is absolutely nothing that I should feel sorry about.  The truth is I replaced the above list with the below list and moved on from each situation.
  • My Husband Beat Cancer
  • Got back together with my husband
  • Had another child
  • Went from bankrupt to a booming successful business
  • Bought my own home
  • Husband is declared cured at 10 years and is completely cancer free
  • I am considered  three years cancer free
  • My child is perfectly healthy
  • I Moved to Maui!!!
Again, I could chuckle. Am I like a cat with nine lives always landing on her feet? No...Because surely there is more ups and downs, pain and losses to come. I have learned that life is fleeting. Pain comes and pain goes. We are given the good with the bad. At the end of the day you have a choice to succumb to life's lemons or make lemonade from those lemons.
I made lemonade! I decided after a trip to Maui that I would take my entire family there. We uprooted from a place we had lived for 11 years and live in Maui. We rented our home and rented a home here. Why Maui? Maui is all about the Ohana or family. After a decade of pain especially the last three years I wanted to take back my family. I wanted to spend true time with my kids. I wanted to be surrounded by beauty. I wanted to relish in an outdoor lifestyle. I wanted my kids to learn a new culture and a new way of life. Most importantly I wanted to heal.
I knew this would be hard, but I also knew it would be an adventure I could share with my kids that they would remember for their entire lives.
No pain...No gain... I have experienced so much pain, but in the end it has been worth every bit of gain.
Go now...and live Big!

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