What is a Great Untapped Ecommerce Business To Start? Seniors & Boomers!

Over half of the Nation’s wealth is in the hands of the boomers and seniors. As more and more seniors become tech savvy and most baby boomers are already tech savvy, this is a perfect untouched market! 
Here are some interesting facts according to Entrepreneur magazine and Dan S Kennedy's new book “Marketing to Seniors and Leading Edge Boomers”:
  • 1 in 4 consumers is part of the Boomer Generation
  • 46% of Boomers & Seniors have a net worth exceeding $2 million dollars
  • 4 out of 10 boomers have households with a median income of $140,000.00
  • The combine boomer & senior consumer populations is over 117 million with annual spending of 2 TRILLION
 Yes, two trillion dollars! Now is the time to start an internet business that appeals to our aging population. Are you thinking, what sort of internet businesses would appeal to the baby boomer generation? May we suggest....
Internet Business Selling Medical Gear & Medical Supplies
As our bodies age, unfortunately, sickness & disease sets in so people are looking for ways to stay healthy. With many seniors unable to drive they are turning to the internet to shop for the supplies they need. Medical gear and supplies is a huge industry online.
Internet Business Selling Pet Products
With their children away pets are now the new 'children" to our baby booker generation! Over the next 10 years the prediction is there will be more pets per household then children!
Internet Business Selling Toys
Boomers are buying toys? YES, for their grandchildren! Grandparents are constantly purchasing the latest and great toys for their beloved grandchildren.
To find out more about the Turnkey Internet Businesses that are great to start in order to tap into the Seniors and Boomers target market, visit us at www.pure-ecommerce.com today!

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