Well...The Numbers are in for Cyber Money 2012!

Cyber Monday
Last week at this time shoppers were logging in to get great deals on the hottest products online while e-retailers were ringing in record sales. Who knew that in just one year ecommerce sales would see a growth rate of 17%! It was the largest-ever online sales day, according to International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) which tracks transaction data from 500 U.S. retail websites. U.S. consumers spent $1.98 billion during Cyber Monday 2012, crowning it as the busiest online shopping day in history.

In looking at the overall data gathered by this record breaking day, there are a few interesting points to note:

· Cyber Monday beat Black Friday sales by 36%. This means consumers are turning to the ease and convenience of online shopping.

· Cyber Monday shoppers prefer to use PCs and laptops to do their online shopping, while 18% used their mobile devices to browse online which actually increased by 70% since Cyber Monday 2011.

· Cyber Monday 2012 resulted in mobile device sales of 13% which grew by 96% compared to 2011.

· Customers bought more items per order this year, but had a lower Average Order Value than in 2011. This means people are shopping around to get more for less, but what is hard to see is how consumers were actually spending more money per transaction. What’s hard to see is how 2012 ended up with higher sales overall when the average order was less. I’m guessing that means more individual people bought online on Cyber Monday than last year.

It is clear the online sales from both Cyber Mon­day and Thanks­giv­ing week­end demon­strate robust growth. This can ultimately be attributed to two key factors. One being, con­sumers are more will­ing to add higher dollar amount transactions to their online bas­kets while looking to com­plete their trans­ac­tions in a shorter period of time. Sec­ondly, con­sumers are becoming more savvy with social media and mobile devices providing them more information on products and sales which ultimately drives them into online stores more often.

Overall the growth in the online marketplace is clearly expected to continue to set records. U.S. Online Retail Forecast expect growth in the number of US consumers shopping online to rise from 167 million in 2011 to 192 million by 2016. U.S. Shoppers will spend $327 billion on online shopping in 2016, which is up 45% from $226 billion in 2012. By examining this data it is clear to see more records are sure to be broken for Cyber Monday year after year!

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