Does it Make Sense to Buy a Drop Ship Internet Business?

Owning an internet business is one of the most freeing types of businesses to own. By being "free" I mean:
  • Working in your own time
  • Working in your pajamas
  • Working from anywhere in the world as long as you own a laptop
  • Not having to invest in initial inventory
  • Little financial risk
  • Great long term investment since one day you can sell your business 
It all sounds great doesn't it? Almost too good to be true...Well, it is if your not willing to:
  • Work your business
  • Understand that it's a REAL business - you have to work on it consistently
To be successful it is important to.....
  • Not give up when things get hard
  • Love what your doing
  • Be driven
  • Understand that not being successful can't be an option
  • Competition can't scare you
I believe with all my being that owning and being successful at running an drop ship internet business can bring a freedom unlike any other to your life! I am not sure I would be an Entrepreneur if I was tied to a store front or building of some sort. With that said success comes at a price. That price is easy..hard-work, dedication, and a REAL desire to be successful!

2013-The Year of the Internet Entrepreneur

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