Why Everyone Including Your Children Should Own An Internet Business!

Jennifer Varner, CEO of Pure-Ecommerce speaks about the latest trends in the ecommerce industry, "I believe with ALL my heart that the future of all retail shopping lies in ecommerce. If you stop and think about how fast paced our society has become in the past several years. If you really stop your brain and understand we now shop from our phones and other devices, you will see that life as we know it is fast and everything is becoming so instant...so is shopping. Walk into any retail store and ask them if they have a hard time competing with online stores. Their answers will surprise you! I believe in a lot of ways we are still in our infancy with online shopping. In ten years from now will .com names even be available?"

Starting An Internet Business for Your Children
Jennifer continue by talking about her personal experience with making ecommerce entrepreneurs a family activity! "I have ecommerce businesses for all of my children. Why? I started them so I could teach my children how to become entrepreneurs. I know by the time they are old enough to really understand the "ins and outs" of the business this initial introduction I have given them will help them take off with their businesses when they turn 15 or 16 years old."

Why this is beneficial to you and your children:
  • You are teaching your children how to not only become an entrepreneur, but to train them to THINK like one - starting now while they are young!
  • You are teaching them how set up, and run an ecommerce business. It is good to feed them information in little increments.
  • This will enable them to have the ability to own a business that makes money for them and their future!
  • It is a great long term investment. In 10 years they can sell their business and use the money for college or a new house!
Jennifer Varner continues by saying, "My daughter's site is www.girlswholikehorses.com. She sells adorable gift related items for horse lovers! We don't do a whole lot on a monthly basis in terms of working the site, but it covers our monthly college savings for her and offers her a tremendous sense of pride and learning opportunity!"

Ecommerce sales is growing by 19% per year globally with expected sales to be at 1.9 TRILLION by 2015. Here in America sales are growing at 29% per year. Now is the time... Now is your time...

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Tamsen said...

I love how you include your kids. My son is young (20 months) and I include him where I can and have already consciously decided to continue to involve him in my businesses, and then eventually his own.