Google Authorship – The Next Big Thing to Boost Ratings?

Pure-Ecommerce believes it may well be! You can connect your Google + profile to all of your content that appears in search results which will help to strengthen your brand and increase exposure, credibility and trust. We believe it also offers potential ranking benefits and so do other SEO experts. In 6 Ways to Boost Your Rankings Using Google Authorship, Kevin Gibbons explains that once you create your profile it will appear in search results next to the article or blog post within those results. If for no other reason, this should increase your following and make your brand more influential. Small businesses need every advantage when it comes to strengthening their brand and with Google Authorship you can impact search behavior by associating your logo or photo with your profile according to Jay Taylor in his article, Google Authorship Presents Branding Opportunity for SMBs.

Jessica Lee, who is a Content and Media Manager with Bruce Clay, Inc, in her recent article Back to Basics: Claiming Your Authorship on the Web offers a wonderful explanation and guideline on how to claim your authorship. You can additionally get more information from Google on the Authorship program. Pure-Ecommerce recommends that on a most basic level you at least upload a great headshot or your logo and fill out the “contributor to” information which is found in the “About” section.

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