Why Buying a Fitness Internet Business Could be Right For You?

Do you live to thrive? Have you always dreamed of owning a business that you love?  Then owning a niche market Fitness Internet Businesses from Pure-Ecommerce is the perfect fit for you! You will also become a part of one of the most lucrative industries in online retail - the BILLION Dollar Health & Fitness Industry.

As more and more consumers are turning to online stores to purchase the clothing, equipment and gear they need to help them stay fit and healthy! The ongoing trend is to create a healthy lifestyle and overall awareness to have a fitness regime to extend their life span. No matter the age of the consumer - they all want to maintain a healthy and long lifestyle!
Facts and Figures about the Health & Fitness Industry:
  • Health and Fitness is a $14.8 billion industry, serving nearly 40 million members throughout the United States. 
  • The growth in this market is continued to be driven by rising awareness about fitness and healthy living, increasing number of health clubs, and the advent of innovative products combining electronics and fitness.
  • Nutrition and weight loss is a $44 billion industry.
  • The trends toward obesity and heart disease point to increasing demand for healthy living and exercise.
  • Nationally, there is an increased awareness of exercise as an integral component to health and fitness.
  • Despite the tough economic environment, nutrition product sales have been expanding since 2009 and this industry is receiving $108 billion in sales and growing each year!
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