Ecommerce is Flourishing in the Land Down Under - Australia!

Pure-Ecommerce has examined the ecommerce statistics in the Australian marketplace and is excited by the numbers! 94% of the Australian population has access to the Internet. Whereas, 79% of those people go online every single day and 60% multiple times per day. An estimated $37.1 billion will be spent in the next year which means the ecommerce industry in Australia becomes more exciting by the day!

What is even more exciting is Australians have the opportunity to work with Pure-Ecommerce in bringing their dream of owning and running an internet business to fruition. By choosing to work with our online consulting firm it allows us to assist budding entrepreneurs in Australia, Canada and globally open the doors to their online store with our business in the box internet businesses for sale

If you live abroad or in the U.S. we would love the opportunity to work with you as you become an internet business owner. 2013 is a very exciting time in the ecommerce industry and now is the time to put your plan of action together. Take the first step by going to this link, to contact us now and we will send you our complete information package!

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