Are you in an Entrepreneurial State of Mind?

An article recently released by titled Entrepreneurship Today: Starting Up Is Optional (Infographic) where Andrea Huspeni discusses there has been a shift in thinking. Whereas “90 percent of people think the word “entrepreneur” has less to do with launching a startup and more to do with an individual’s state of mind”. This leads Pure-Ecommerce to ask you – “Are you in an Entrepreneurial a State of Mind?”.

At Pure-Ecommerce we find the infographic presented quite interesting as it is what we, at Pure-Ecommerce hear from the clients we have been working with over the last 6 years. The goal for many new entrepreneurs is to either quit their current jobs now or at least within the next 2 years. This is outlined in the infographic as it shows 72% want to quit and 61% say they are likely to quit within 2 years.  They are looking to start their own business as they want to create their own schedules and have the flexibility to work from any location they desire. They are also want to start a business which they can be passionate about and would even like to travel.
This new trend in the entrepreneurial state of mind is at the core of Pure-Ecommerce! Our founder and CEO, Jennifer Varner, created her first internet business on this same premise – she wanted to work from anywhere and on her own schedule. This is what has driven the creation of Pure-Ecommerce as our team creates ecommerce business in a box solutions for those "entrepreneurs" who are looking for work from home or work from anywhere opportunities. The ready to go ecommerce websites we offer can be managed from any location and on your own schedule. By choosing to work with Pure-Ecommerce this will enable you to choose niche market industry that interests you, plus have the ability to travel because our ecommerce sites can be worked from anywhere in the world!
Pure-Ecommerce would like to point out to you while entrepreneurship may start as a state of mind, it becomes a verb. Being an entrepreneur requires action. Just like any other business or brick and mortar retail store, an internet website must be worked and managed - consistently and on a daily basis. The difference with owning a work from home business is the flexibility it offers you.
If you want it, if you work for it then success beyond your imaginable dreams is possible! The key to your ecommerce success. . . is YOU and having a good foundation to get you started. That's where Pure-Ecommerce comes in. Our ecommerce business in a box solution is just that. We provide you with a ready to go website and the information and consulting you need to succeed through our 10 step training program and 40 hours of step by step consulting.
Now that you are in the Entrepreneurial state of mind let Pure-Ecommerce help you get started. It is up to you now to take action to become an entrepreneur and run the internet business of your dreams!
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