Can Your Child Own an Internet Business?

If you know me you know my children own their own internet businesses. I have had one created for each child. Even my three your old owns a site called

Can a three year old really run an internet business? No, but if you start an internet business now it allows you to get the business going, therefore, the online business is perfected by the time the child is old enough to run it the site will have rankings and a decent placement in the search engines.

My 11 year old daughter owns an internet business called We work her site on a very, very part-time level, but it still brings in sales. Enough sales to make a 11 year old very happy. The money all goes into a bank account. She has been told that until she is responsible enough to work the site she won’t reap the benefits of the profits. At first she didn't work it much but not that she has seen the sales come in she is really anxious to expand the site. She is learning how to use social media to bring traffic to the site and works it often.

Kid’s brains are wired differently. They are part of a new era, a new generation. She is able to wrap her little brain around ecommerce easier than most adults that did not grow up with technology.

Teaching her now is going to give her a tremendous advantage over her peers, and into her college years. She is learning:
  • Self confidence
  • Use of technology and the internet
  • Use of graphics
  • Use of social media to get your message out there
  • Importance of budgeting
  • Learning to profit from hard-work
Most importantly she is learning marketing and entrepreneurship! Success in life and in any career - comes down to effectively marketing yourself, your skills and your ability! Marketing should be taught to all children at an early age. The importance of being an entrepreneur - learning this at an early age is simply priceless. I BELIEVE that each and every one of us have something to sell and offer each other. 

The key to success and freedom is by being the owner of your own business. In our house our motto is and always will be “Rule Your Life...Own Your Own Business”.

About the Author

Jennifer Varner is the CEO and Founder of Pure-Ecommerce offers complete ready to go ecommerce businesses in box which include 40 hours of step by step consultation and mentoring. For more information on the internet businesses for sale, visit

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