How to Manage Kids and a Busy Internet Business During the Summer

One reason so many moms own internet businesses is because they offer so much flexibility and freedom! And as much as that is true, they also require consistent work. You can't shut the doors for a month then come back and expect to succeed. Especially when you have your kids home for the summer as this can present a challenge for managing your internet business while keeping your children entertained.

Here are some tips for you to consider to keep your kids happy and your business thriving!

1. Have a disciplined work and play schedule:

Each Sunday night layout your work and play schedules for the week. Plan some activities for the kids at specific times. This way you can better organize when you will be working and schedule any phone appointments around your play time with the kids. Schedule your work time and schedule your play time.

2. Swap play dates with other moms:

I love when my kids have sleepovers at friends or play dates. That gives me a free day to work and they still get to have fun! I try to always reciprocate as well!

3. Ask for help from others:

It is perfectly fine to ask others for help. Hire a “Mother's Helper” who can play with your kids during pertinent hours that you must work! Even kids need a break from you and might find it fun to play with one of the teenagers in the neighborhood.

4. Find area play places that have internet service:

Scope out different play places that have fun activates for your kids and internet service that allows you to work. For example, where I live we have a great trampoline place. The kids go off and jump for an hour and I get to work while watching them!

5. Find your “golden time”:

5am is my golden time! This is the time when my family is asleep and it allows me to get lots of work done before they all get up at 8am. Yes, it means I go to bed a little earlier, but it's so worth it then I have much more time with them during the day!

Your business doesn't have to suffer in the summer! With some proper planning and creativity you can make time for your kiddos while not sacrificing work time!

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