4 Simple Tips on Taming the SEO Beast!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to be a never ending and daunting task, particularly for small ecommerce business owners. While it is a major component of determining your ecommerce success, it is not the only factor. You can easily sit down early in the morning and spend the entire day and half the night working on nothing, but SEO. You can’t however neglect the other areas of your business that will need your attention like finances, networking, establishing and maintaining vendor relationships, etc. You must find a balance, a method of taming the SEO beast.

Here are some tips we share with our clients on managing what seems to be an overwhelming task:

1. SEO To Do Lists:

Create a master list that includes the SEO tasks you need to accomplish each day. Be very specific. 
For example, a SEO To Do List might include:
  • Update/refresh content on 5 pages of my site
  • Write outline of article to be published on 8/15/2013
  • Create a new blog post on popular trends for fall
  • Post to Facebook – topic: back to school
  • Tweet twice today – once announcing latest blog and once on a back to school tip
  • Create a new Pinterest board featuring fall trends – add 10 pins with 4 being my products and 6 images from somewhere else.
  • Pin additional images to back to school board 
  • Follow 5 new people on Twitter today
  • Find 5 new friends on Facebook
  • Follow 3 new Pinterest Boards 
  • Acknowledge everyone that has newly "like" your page or started following you 
While this list is not inclusive, it should get your thought process moving to create your own. Tasks don’t seem as daunting when you have a plan and it’s a great feeling to check each item off!

2. Develop an editorial calendar:

This sounds really complicated and it can be but it doesn’t have to be. Print out a blank calendar and add the holidays and seasons to it. Think about consumer buying cycles – January is always about white sales, health and fitness. July and August are back to school. October to December are the peak holiday shopping months. Research it on the internet and make note of the dates on your calendar. Now study your website. Assign a topic to each day of the month looking at your categories and how you can tie in your products to what is being reflected on the calendar. It is so much easier to post everywhere when you have a starting off point and you are not staring at a blank screen with writer’s block.

3. Learn something new each day about SEO:

Sign up for SEO newsletters. There are tons of sites out there to follow that offer great SEO advice. Follow Matt Cutts' blog (Google), check out Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal and Social Media Examiner to mention a few. Set aside 30 minutes or so each day to browse these blogs for information. You’ll know when an update is hitting and you can follow the recommendations to learn more on optimizing your site. Knowledge is power!

4. Know your numbers:

Test and track - try something new, check your analytics. What kind of results did you get? Know where your traffic is coming from and what they’re looking for – then give it to them.

The SEO beast is not so hard to tame - if you manage it and don’t let it manage you!

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