5 Tips for Great Customer Service and Building Trust with an Ecommerce Business

 Your Customers Have the Questions - 
You Have the Answers!

Great Customer Service + Building Trust = 
A Great Ecommerce Business 

I wrote "GREAT" because greatness is what you should strive for with any business! As with any start-up business, customer service can be a struggle as you learn to manage your growth; any business issues that may arise; and sometimes difficult customers. Dealing with the mass general public can be somewhat of an art. Having worked in customer service with pregnant women, I know how emotions can play a big role in a customer's decision to shop and buy from you!

Today, we have social media, where customers can express to the world how they feel about you either good or bad. Let's keep in good! Having an ecommerce business means having customer service is much more critical since you are not assisting a customer face-to-face in a normal brick and mortar store. People are not buying from you on face-to-face basis, therefore, there is always a chance an email could be misread or a situation misunderstood. By having an online store customers come to you not 100% trusting you as a merchant - you have to build a relationship and trust with each customer. Trust and response time are critical!

Here are 5 Tips to help you Build Trust and Great Customer Relationships:

1) When you build or start an ecommerce business right from the beginning, plan everything from social media, blogging and especially your customer service. You will want to plan on building a relationship and dialogue with each of your customers. Build a community of people that love you and your online store. Share your story and your passion for your vision through all the words you use in your "about us" page and via social media. Let your customer see you, your personality, and your passion for your business. This can be the first step towards building trust with you online customers.

2) Have sections in your newsletter, your social media and on your website where customers can "meet" you and learn more about you. You can achieve this connection by having an "about us" page or a "meet the team" page. I would also suggest having the same app/page on your Facebook business page. Don't forget to include this information on your Pinterest board. You can have information about your company and you as well to share on each of your social media outlets. This is great way to build trust and to reach out prior to a customer even buying from you so they do feel safe making that first purchase.

3) Loyalty is critical to the long term success of any business. The life cycle of a client can sometimes be numerous. How do you keep that client loyal to your brand? To Your Site? You build a community feel! You make them want to come back to you. With my first site my target market was Pregnant Women. They would tell me over and over how they loved the look of my site. It emulated the way they felt at that time in there life. They loved that my products changed out so they kept coming back to check out what was new. Also, adding content that is useful and fun such as a baby naming tool, or events online pertaining to giving birth lends to building a community of women that support your business, appreciate the information and keep coming back for more!

4) Think of your social media platforms as mini websites. Facebook and Pinterest in particular can be used as a little version of your website. And as you're soon going to find out this will become critical for SEO. Your social media is the best way to build trust. You can reach out to customers in a fun and personal way. Learn it, use it, do it! Don't shy away. Social media is critical to your success of not only building a business, but building trust and loyalty online.

5) Finally, reward your customers when they share their feedback! Offer a discount or special coupon for reviews! Listen to your customers. The feedback from a customer can help you shape your business into a top notch customer service oriented business. There is no greater feedback than someone that has gone through your process and shopped on your site. They can offer feedback that may be hard for you, the business owner, to provide to yourself. LISTEN and take action based on the feedback you receive from your customers!

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