5 Tips for Organizing Your Week

The key to any successful business is being organized! Here are five great tips to help you get started:

1. Get Organized: 
Purchase a large daily planner with calendars and time slots to get you started!

2. Write it Down:
It is important to write down everything you have to get done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You will want to include everything from meetings, work tasks, school activities, feeding your kids, playing with your kids and even work out time for you. This allows you to realistically look plan out your time to work and your time to "play"!

3. Schedule Specific Work Time:

Use your schedule to coordinate business meetings, work on projects, checking emails, planning for future projects, etc.

4. Be Disciplined:
It is important to stay on schedule and stay disciplined with your work schedule. It is best to try to work the same time each day.

5. Plan a Daily Task to Accomplish:
Write in 1 Major task for each day. This will make it much easier not to overwhelm yourself. Plus it allows you to be proactive and productive - it is a great feeling to be able to check off your task each and every day! 

REMEMBER: Set yourself up for success-Not Failure. You want to feel like you accomplished something significant each day!

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