Personal Message from Jennifer Varner, Pure-Ecommerce CEO


Jennifer Varner, CEO and Founder of Pure-Ecommerce, would like to share this personal message with you.....

Hard to believe......

........This Week I Celebrate 4 Years Cancer Free!

........4 years ago I got the call that I had two tumors in my breast and both were cancer.

........It’s been 4 years since the doctors at Duke told me do not plan more then a few years out.

........They told me most likely I have stage 4 breast cancer and would eventually die.

........I was pregnant and I would have to undergo chemo while in the process of creating a life inside me. (Kilian is the little boy pictured above)

.......They were wrong and tests would show I had a shot at a cure.

REALLY hard to believe that I am here, I am healthy and happy 4 years later and living in Maui, HI.

The road has been long and often times unbearable. However, breast cancer does have gifts in hiding. Even though, everything in my life had been stripped away and I was brought to my knees in pain. Through the process I learned I had a both STRENGTH and WISDOM at which was God given and I made it through!

I teach my children now that life is hard. Don’t shoot for a perfect, easy life.That won’t happen. Learn to be strong. Seek out wisdom. Be a problem solver. Understand that life is hard, many difficult situations will come your way, but it’s how hard you fight for a solution to each obstacle that will ultimately determine your destiny.

My message to you today is to - Never ever give up! As I am a testament that anything, yes, ANYTHING is possible!

About the Author

Jennifer Varner is the CEO and Founder of Pure-Ecommerce offers complete ready to go ecommerce businesses in box which include 40 hours of step by step consultation and mentoring. She is also a breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur and ecommerce expert. Find out more about Jennifer Varner and her story by visiting

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