Pink Power! Pure-Ecommerce is Auctioning Off an Internet Business to Benefit the Pacific Cancer Foundation

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In the news clip from Maui TV News, Jennifer Varner from Pure-Ecommerce and Jeff Scharanhorst from Pacific Cancer Foundation describe how they have joined forces to support people affected by cancer in Maui.  The Pacific Cancer Foundation will be hosting their 5th Annual Paddle For Life event – Voyage to Lanai. While Founder and CEO of Pure-Ecommerce, Jennifer Varner and her team are hosting the 2nd Annual Bid & Win Ecommerce Business Aloha Style Auction.

As Jennifer describes in the video, Pure-Ecommerce is auctioning off an internet business in a box.  This internet business will come loaded with all drop ship products, plus the winner will also receive 40 hours of ecommerce consulting. Pure-Ecommerce is proud to provide the money from the highest bidder in the Bid & Win Ecommerce Business Auction to the Pacific Cancer Foundation in Maui, HI.

As Jeff Scharanhorst, the Executive Direction of the Pacific Cancer Foundation, describes the money raised in the Paddle for Life event will help fund the Patient Navigation Program. This program assists uninsured and under-insured patients find resources and support services on the island. This program is free of charge to patients and it helps navigate the cancer patient through the whole cancer experience. The resources include High Risk Breast Cancer Screenings, as well as, where to locate community resources and state assistance.

Jennifer Varner will not only be helping to support the Pacific Cancer Foundation’s 5th Annual Paddle For Life event by auctioning off a website business, but Jennifer and her husband Jeff will be attending the exciting and inspirational event. Jeff Varner will participate in the event, as he will enjoy the day paddling to support these great causes!

We invite you to bid now to support both Pure-Ecommerce and the Pacific Cancer Foundation. Go to and bid now in the 2nd Annual Bid & Win Ecommerce Business Aloha Style Auction. Bidding is open to all residents of the U.S. and Canada. Starting bid is $750.00. Bids will be accepting until 9 pm PST on October 31, 2013. The winner will be notified November 1, 2013 and has 24 hours to accept or we move to the next highest bidder. Final winner will be announced November 7, 2013.

Help Pure-Ecommerce & the Pacific Cancer Foundation support cancer patients and their families. Place your highest bid now & Show your “Pink Power”!

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