7 Top Tips to Help You Prepare Your Website Business For the Holiday Season

The 2013 holiday shopping season is fast approaching and NOW is the time to ensure your ecommerce business is ready! comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, today reported the final 2012 holiday season retail e-commerce spending totals at $42.3 billion. This total includes what was spent online during the entire November-December holiday shopping season, marking a 14% increase from 2011. With this said 2013 is looking to be the brightest online holiday shopping season yet! In fact, experts are projecting a 20% increase in online holiday sales for small to medium sized online businesses.

This is exciting news and the ecommerce experts at Pure-Ecommerce is here to give you some tips to prepare your internet business for the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season.

1. Highlight the Holidays on Your Home Page

a. Create a “Holiday Countdown” on your home page. This will be a great visual reminder the holidays are fast approaching and your customers need to shop now for the perfect gift from your website business.

b. Change up your slideshow pictures to feature holiday themed photos that are relevant to your site and target market.

2. Examine Your Content – Describe Your Holiday Favorites and Tips through Your Words

a. Review your home page content – write a great description about the types of products you offer which are great to use and give during the holidays.

b. Create new or change current categories names – getting shoppers in the mindset of holiday shopping is key! This is your opportunity to enhance your categories to highlight certain products, for instance, “Holiday Gifts”, “Holiday D├ęcor”, “Holiday Clothing”, etc.

c. Check your category descriptions – on the category pages this is your opportunity to describe the products within that category in more detail. Tell your customer how they can use, decorate or give the products within the category. This will create a “picture” of how they need to shop for the products in those categories.

d. Examine the content on your product descriptions – tailor those specific descriptions to enhance certain products which are great to use or give this holiday season.

3. Highlight Popular Products & Give Gift Giving Ideas

a. Shoppers love to purchase products which they can personalize for the gift recipient. Feature these products on your home page, in your categories, in your blog, on your social media pages and in your newsletter.

b. Create a category on your site with the “Top” or “Best” gift giving ideas. This will help to inspire shoppers who may not know what to give that special someone.

c. Offer Gift Certificates – some shoppers may love your products, but not sure what they should purchase. This is a great opportunity to highlight on your home page that you offer gift certificates. Let them know what increments you offer and where they go to purchase a gift certificate (provide link). Be sure to announce this on your blog, newsletter and social media pages too!

4. Offer Special Incentives

a. Offer a percentage off – you can do this a couple of different ways. You can offer a certain percentage off their entire purchase or certain percentage off if they purchase a certain amount or higher.

b. When offer special incentives you will want to promote bigger purchases. You can do a graduated special offer, for instance, purchase $50 receive 5% off; purchase $100, receive 10% off; purchase $150 receive 15% off.

c. Offer free shipping – again you can do this a couple of different ways. You can offer free shipping on their entire purchase or free shipping if they purchase a certain amount or higher.

d. Be sure to make the incentives you offer easy to understand, have a call to action, give your customer the coupon code as needed and deadline for the sale.

5. Offer Special Promotion and Incentives on Popular Shopping Days

a. Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)

b. Cyber Monday (first Monday after Thanksgiving)

6. Post “Order by” or Shipping Deadlines

a. Those last minute shoppers will need to know if their gift will arrive in time. It is important to check with each of your product vendors directly for their shipping deadline. Once you have the information from your vendor it is pertinent you share this information with your customers.

b. Post the deadline date on your home page.

c. Post the deadline on your shipping page.

d. Post reminders of the deadline on your social media pages, blog and newsletter.

7. Check your Return Policy

a. Online shoppers will check your return policy when purchasing. This is a great opportunity to update or clarify your online store return policy – ensure it is clear and understandable to your customers.

b. Be sure to check with your product vendors to ensure you comply with their return policy. If your vendor will not accept returns, this is your opportunity to have the product returned to you to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

c. Have a limitation of returns – establish a return by time period and certain specifications on returning the product. For example, not opened, unused, etc.

d. If it is a product that you are unable to accept as a return (personalized, hygienic or perishable product) be sure to have these specification within your return policy. 

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