How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Internet Business

Pinterest is one of the most popular forms of social media to reach out to your potential customers. You do not want to miss the opportunity to present your products, website business and industry inspiration and information to millions of followers. Pinterest was developed to help people connect and organize the things they love. Here’s some quick stats about Pinterest and its users:

· There are 70 million users on Pinterest. (Source: Craig Smith)

· Pinterest shoppers on average spend $140-180 per order. (Source: Craig Smith)

· Pinterest grabs 41% of ecommerce traffic compared to 37% on Facebook. (Source: Lauren Orsini)

Pinterest is a great format and effective way to present your products and information about your online store in a creative and fun way! When you use Pinterest to market your website business be sure you review the “do’s and don’ts” and brand guideline. Go to to review these guidelines.

Here are some ways to market your internet business on Pinterest:


Pins can be anything from a great product, information about your website or industry, articles or blogs with helpful tips to share and inspirational photos and information about your industry. Your Pure-Ecommerce website business shall include a “Pin-it” button for easy access to enable your shoppers to quickly “pin” a product to their boards. You can also “pin” your products to well developed and organized boards to display your products. Just remember, you should not pin all your products. You will want to balance your pins with 20-50% your content with 50-80% from other sources.

For additional information on the Pinterest “pinning principles” visit this page,


Setting up valuable boards is important in order for your Pinterest Business Page to be effective. Before creating a board do a little research – check out other retailer’s Pinterest boards. Look at the titles, the board descriptions and types of pins they have displayed. This will be a great way for you to gather inspiration.

When creating a new board for your page, first think of the theme of the board. It is great to have a variety of boards that pertain to your website business. For example, if you own a baby internet business you would have boards for “baby clothing”, “baby bedding”, “baby gear”, etc. which pertain to your products. You would also create boards with create information for consumers, including “Popular Baby Names”, “Baby Food Recipes”, “Nursery Decorating Tips”, etc. Your goal is to create a well rounded page with both information about your products, but also great content your customers can use and share with others!

Here are some other boards you can create to engage your audience - Company Board and Charity or Give Back Board. To help you increase your brand awareness, you need to create a company board. On this board you will use this board to display pins about your company. This will allow you the opportunity to display pinned products, blog posts and other information from your website to drive home your brand. Show your support for great causes that are relevant to your industry with a charity or give back board. This will show your followers and customers your passion for other great causes.

Engaging Others:

Pinterest is not only about creating great boards and sharing creative pins, it is also about engaging others. To get started take notice of the notifications you receive from Pinterest, they will notify you when logged in with the red message symbol with a number representing how many new followers you have, plus the number of repins or likes you received. Check these notifications daily and use these notifications to your advantage. If someone followed your page or boards, go back and follow them. If someone repined one of your pins, go and find a relevant pin from one of their boards and repin it to your board. This will help the circle of engagement on Pinterest, as well as, help other users find your business boards.

Each week follow 10 (or more) new Pinterest users. This will help you build your followers as when many people receive notification they have a new follower, they will reciprocate by coming to follow your boards as well.

You can share information about your Pinterest page and boards on your other social media sites as well. This will help drive followers from your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page over to your Pinterest page.

Final Tips:

· Content should be useful and engaging. It should show your creativity.

· Pin daily

· Remember keywords

· Include links

· Incorporate videos and infographics

· ALWAYS credit original sources via a link in pins.

· RESPECT copyrights

· Follow boards and users to build your following – make at least 10% of who you follow the big players within your field.

· Create lots of boards and lots of pins but keep them tightly niched to your market.

· Use #hashtags and @mentions to help capture attention and increase your following.

· Like and comment on pins of other users to engage with the Pinterest community.

Remember when using Pinterest to market your internet business, create relevant boards to your branding which displays helpful, informative and creative pins. This will help you market and create an effective Pinterest Business page to further market your internet business.

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