Work from Anywhere in the World with an Ecommerce Business from Pure-Ecommerce

Are you ready to be your own boss? Want to live where you like and travel when you want? Do you want to earn an income from anywhere in the world? Then Pure-Ecommerce would like to invite you to join us at the 2013 International Living Fund Your Life Overseas Conference in Phoenix, AZ on November 10-12, 2013.

Jennifer Varner, CEO and Founder of Pure-Ecommerce will be one of the many speakers sharing their experiences and information on how you can bring this dream into reality. There will be more than 40 workshops and detailed presentations devoted to the following topics -  making a living without a job, running a B&B in paradise, overseas franchising for profit, leading tours, six-figure copywriting, teaching English overseas, spotting a niche and building a business around it, working online (freelance and launching an e-commerce enterprise), importing-exporting in Central America, travel the world for free, taking photos that pay, tax strategies for Americans earning outside the U.S., plus more.

There are many people in many different countries who like the idea of a business you can pick up and take with you. They are searching for a type of business that will allow you the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere in the world. Jennifer Varner, the CEO and Founder of Pure-Ecommerce will explain at the conference hosted by International Living Magazine how you can do this by becoming the owner of an ecommerce business. By owning an internet based business you have the ability to work anywhere as long as you have a computer, internet access and a phone.

Jennifer Varner will share her experiences of having the flexibility and freedom of living and traveling while starting and owning her own ecommerce business. She will discuss after starting her first ecommerce business 13 years ago how she realized very quickly the benefits and flexibility she had by working with drop ship product vendors for her online store. That is why after selling her first ecommerce business 7 years ago Jennifer decided to assist other budding ecommerce entrepreneurs make their dream of owning a business while working from any location a reality!

At the International Living Fund Your Life Overseas Conference, participants will hear firsthand how they too can accomplish their goal of living abroad while owning a business by owning an ecommerce business by Pure-Ecommerce. Jennifer will explain how at Pure-Ecommerce they build high quality website businesses where her team setups the initial drop ship vendor relationships for their clients. Not sure how drop shipping works, she will explain it in further detail. By working with drop ship vendors, you are not required to hold any bulky or expensive inventory. Therefore, this allows you to travel and work your online store from the location of your choice. Plus, Pure-Ecommerce clients receive ecommerce consulting and mentoring to assist clients as they learn how to setup, run and market their online business. This is called an ecommerce business in a box and Jennifer will be giving an overview of the different types of niche market internet business opportunities offered at Pure-Ecommerce. The sites they offer are all home based business opportunities which allow you to work anywhere, anytime that is convenient for you and meets your needs!

To see a sneak peak of Jennifer talking about how the drop ship process works and how you too can own an internet business while living and working from anywhere in the world watch the video below.

Go to for more information on attending the International Living Fund Your Life Overseas Conference in Phoenix, AZ on November 10-12, 2013. We hope to see you there!

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