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Pure-Ecommerce has developed a video library to answer many of your “common questions” about being an internet business owner, as well as, working with our team. In the video collection, Jennifer Varner, Founder and CEO Of Pure-Ecommerce, will explain what Pure-Ecommerce offers budding entrepreneurs and how our process works when you purchase one of our internet businesses for sale.

In the new Pure-Ecommerce Video Library we've taken the commonly asked questions we receive and developed a series of videos to help you understand what we offer and how our 10 step training process works. The video topics cover the following areas - watch any of these videos now by clicking on the video name below.

Video 1: Welcome to Pure-Ecommerce 

Video 2: How do I live off a laptop?

Video 3: How do I choose an industry?

Video 4: What is drop shipping?

Video 5: What are profit margins? 

Video 6: Why aren't there products on some websites listed for sale?

Video 7: Can I add more products to the website?

Video 8: Can I change or move around products?

Video 9: Do I have to host with EarthGirl or use Pure-Ecommerce web designers?

Video 10: Can I live in Canada and own/operate a .com site?

Video 11: Is this a scam? 

Video 12: Is this too good to be true?

Video 13: I'm ready to purchase, so now what?

We invite you to view the videos to learn more about Pure-Ecommerce and the outstanding ecommerce services we can provide to you. Our team is to assist you so please contact us today to receive our complete information package about our internet businesses for sale. We can also setup a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer any additional questions you may have. Be sure to post, share and pin our videos to help others learn about Pure-Ecommerce!

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