Is Now A Good Time to Start a Internet Business?

Economic experts are predicting that the US unemployment rate is set to rise if the pace of job growth continues to decline. This is partially due to the government shutdown, as well as other factors. Any furthering weakening in the job market will trigger a rise in unemployment.

So the question arises, is now a good time to start an Internet business? A look at some compelling facts and figures related to online shopping habits and trends provides some valuable insight into this question. 

eMarketer reports, US e-commerce sales will increase from $225.5 to $434.2 billion US dollars with the largest share of online revenue being generated by retail shopping websites.

These numbers indicate a remarkable shift in buying behavior for consumers and businesses alike as online shopping becomes increasingly popular. Statistics show that both sectors are becoming more comfortable buying online and the range of purchases is broadening. In fact, the number of online shoppers in the US is expected to grow from 137 million in 2010 to 175 million in 2016, according to some estimates.

Online purchasing is especially popular for holiday shoppers who prefer to shop for Christmas gifts online to avoid crowded retail stores. Experts expect holiday season online sales in the US to increase by 15% in 2013 over last year's sales figures. While e-commerce is steadily growing, retail sales for brick-and-mortar stores is on the decrease, motivating many small shop owners to begin selling their products online.

With these figures and statistics in mind, there are even more reasons why now is a good time to start an Internet business. With the economy down, starting an online business makes great sense in terms of cost savings. Some online entrepreneurs are choosing to move and set up shop where the cost of living is lower, since all you need to start an Internet business is a good idea, a computer, a reliable Internet connection, hosting and a domain name. When you compare that with the the costs of renting commercial space, acquiring physical inventory, printing stationery and purchasing office equipment, the savings are astounding. As well, there is no need for physical inventory, since many e-commerce stores form relationships with vendors that offer drop shipping. If you need to hire staff, they can work remotely too, saving you on employee costs. Starting an online business also means that you are not limited by physical location. You can do business with customers in your hometown or expand to the International market.

Starting an Internet business from home, allows you to save time commuting and reduces the costs of transportation and wardrobe needs. Some parents even save on daycare fees by keeping their little ones at home and setting their schedule around the needs of their family. That means cutting your costs and having more time to spend with your children which is not a luxury many families can afford.

One of the greatest advantages of running your own Internet business is the flexibility this arrangement provides. You can set your own schedule, work when you’re most productive and take time off when you need to. Most important of all, when you pursue your dreams and start an Internet business doing something that you love, your chances of success are much higher and you can discover a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from pursuing your passion.

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