Pure-Ecommerce CEO, Jennifer Varner, Speaks at the International Living Fund Your Life Overseas Conference

Today Jennifer Varner, Founder and CEO of Pure-Ecommerce, is speaking to budding entrepreneurs at the 2013 International Living Fund Your Life Overseas Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The conference is being held at the Hilton Phoenix/Mesa Resort on November 10-12. On Sunday the conference began with an the opening session with Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins from International Living.
Brittany Fullerton and Jennifer Varner (pictured left to right)
Attendees had the opportunity to first meet with Jennifer Varner, Jeff Varner and Brittany Fullerton when the exhibit hall was opened that afternoon. Sunday evening the attendees of the conference enjoyed a "welcome" reception where they were given the opportunity to network with their peers.   

Jennifer Varner and Jeff Varner (pictured left to right)
Jennifer Varner will have the opportunity to speak conference attendees twice. She will address the entire group in her "Welcome to Ecommerce" talk during the opening sessions Monday morning. Then in the afternoon Jennifer will speak directly to a more intimate group of attendees who are interested in funding their lives overseas by owning an ecommerce business. Jennifer will address the International Living Magazine conference audience and inform them on how they can become the owner of an ecommerce business and have the flexibility and freedom to manage their internet based business from anywhere in the world!

This is an exciting opportunity for Jennifer Varner and the Pure-Ecommerce team to inform participants how they too can live abroad while owning and running a Pure-Ecommerce internet business in a box. Jennifer will explain to the group what is included with the website business opportunities offered at Pure-Ecommerce and how she found her passion for ecommerce by starting her own maternity internet business 13 years ago. Jennifer will further explain how they can work with Pure-Ecommerce, an ecommerce consulting company, who assists budding ecommerce entrepreneurs as they take the initial steps at starting an owning their own internet based business. She will demonstrate and explain the drop shipping process to help them better understand the ability they have to hold absolutely no product inventory by choosing to work drop ship vendors. Attendees will also learn how the Pure-Ecommerce process works as they are taken through the 10 step instructional process to setup, learn to run and market their new online business.

During the three day conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Jennifer, Jeff or Brittany one-on-one to review and select their favorite internet business. At the exhibit booth they will be shown examples of current Pure-Ecommerce internet businesses for sale, learn more about ecommerce and how the process works. Attendees can learn how they can work from anywhere while ruling their own life and owning their own internet business!

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