Countdown Day #6: Ability to Learn Something New While Feeding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Reason #6: Ability to Learn Something New While Feeding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is true...not everyone was meant to live life in a corporate atmosphere. Many people are entrepreneurial minded, but are too afraid to take the leap! With an internet based business you have minimal start-up costs and low overhead. It isn’t as risky as starting a local brick and mortar shop where you have to pay rent, pay for product, and pay your employee’s salaries. Owning an online store is truly possible you just have to want it!

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you? Here are the 7 Common Traits of a Successful Entrepreneurs according to

1. Passionate & Determined
It is very uncommon when reading about any successful entrepreneur, that you will hear them say they absolutely hate what they do. Actually it is quite the opposite and some entrepreneurs are insanely passionate about their field of interest. This passion is also what helps to fuel their drive to keep on going. They also require the acute resolve and willpower found in perseverance in order to reach their goals and achieve success.

2. Highly Confident
All entrepreneurs have fears, it’s only natural but that doesn’t mean they can’t be confident about their business or their ability. An entrepreneur without a healthy dose of confidence will ultimately struggle to succeed. Many successful entrepreneurs may even come across as egotistical and arrogant but when you look behind the smoke you realize that their confidence is but a pivotal cog in their entire mechanism.

3. Energetic & Opportunistic
Without those two traits things could easily get mundane and tiresome. Successful entrepreneurs find ways to keep their energy levels up in order to do the many things they are required. Many times they may be viewed as busy bodies as they tussle to and fro managing hectic schedules. Also, successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for opportunity to knock they go knocking on every prospective door and create opportunities. They are proactive not “post-active”.

4. Adaptable & Optimistic
Business is dynamic and challenges, obstacles and setbacks are all a part of the game. Human nature may cause you to be saddened by challenges and setbacks but your mentality and reaction toward them will determine how far you go. Successful entrepreneurs must be able to adapt to the changing nature of business and they must maintain their optimism by refocusing and reminding themselves of their goals and vision.

5. Problem Solver
Successful Entrepreneurs are those who have found a unique way to solve a problem or answer a need whether it be a product, service or business challenge. They see challenges and problems as great opportunities and many believe that the solution in always embedded in the problem.

6. High Risk Tolerance
Being an entrepreneur can yield great rewards but with that potentiality comes great risk. Successful entrepreneurs do not run from risk or resort to comfort zones but they take calculated and instinctual steps beyond the norms in order to achieve their goals. They also soberly accept that failure is always a possibility but never means game over.

7. Avid learner

Successful entrepreneurs are always finding ways to develop themselves and their knowledge base. They understand that as things evolve and grow so must they. They also tend to surround themselves with people who either know more than they do or who know things outside of their purview.

Most people are not knowledgeable on what it takes to run an ecommerce business, but have the inner passion to learn something new. This is why Pure-Ecommerce CEO, Jennifer Varner, started  an ecmmerce consulting company almost 7 years ago. It was her sheer desire to help other budding ecommerce entrepreneurs learn how to setup, run and marketing their online businesses through the 10 step instructional program she created. She developed the 40 hour step-by-step consulting program after building her own successful maternity internet business. After selling the million dollar business in which she created, she decided to assist others in feeding their entrepreneurial spirit and helping them to learn to become website business owners. Jennifer Varner uses the experience she gained when starting and running her own successful internet business as a catalyses to educate others on the best methods and business practices to use when owning your own online store.

Are you ready to become an ecommerce entrepreneur? Do you have the desire to learn something new? Can you see yourself running an internet business? If you are ready let Pure-Ecommerce be the key to YOU starting an ecommerce business! Do not put it off, start living the life you have always dreamed of! To learn more about the Pure-Ecommerce Internet Businesses in a Box and the 10 Step Consulting Program go to now.

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