Day 2: Counting Down the Reasons to Own an Internet Business

Reason #2: Low Start Up and Maintenance Costs

You may think starting a business is too expensive or you are not sure where to start.....Well, Pure-Ecommerce is here to tell you an ecommerce business is one of the most inexpensive types of retail businesses to start. Compared to starting a brick and mortar retail store, an internet business is very feasible! Both a brick and mortar store will have similar costs associated with having internet and phone service for customer correspondence, as well as, credit card payment processors, however, there are some major differences and we have outlined those for you below. 
Here are some of the biggest differences in starting an internet business versus a brick and mortar store:
  • You are not required to rent or own a store as your retail space will be occupied in cyber space. You will only be required to pay a monthly hosting fee which is approximately $10.95+ depending on your host.  Compare that to hundreds and thousands of dollars savings compared to renting/owning space for a brick and mortar space that is a true bargain!
  • Product inventory is one of the most expensive aspects of starting a brick and mortar store. By becoming an owner of a website business you will not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on product merchandise as you will only need to setup relationships with drop ship vendors to ship out your product orders to your customers.
  • Grow your sales force and team as needed - By owning an online retail store you are able to forgo hiring sales associates as you will be able to process your orders quickly and easily with your drop ship vendors. With a brick and mortar store unless you want to run the store from open to close you will need to pay others to assist you. Owning an internet business, not only are you open 24/7, but managing a web based business is much easier and more flexible.
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