Reason #11: Ecommerce is Booming! Why Not Get a "Piece" of the Internet Pie

Reason #11: Ecommerce is Booming! 
Why Not Get a "Piece" of the Internet Pie

This post will give share with you valuable numbers as you examine and learn more about the ecommerce industry. Internet spending is predicted to account for 40% of all retail sales by 2020 and 84% of the world’s internet users now shop online. That is a huge amount of money online just waiting for you. Consumers love the ease they have when shopping online. They do not have to drive to a shopping center to find for the right product, they are able to do their research online then select the right product to fit their needs. Furthermore, they do not have to wait in any long lines; or schedule time to shop since they can shop online at their leisure and their schedule!

Shopping with ecommerce businesses is definitely flourishing all you need to do is look at the number. The Global research and advisory firm, Forrester, has released a report predicting that eCommerce sales will increase by 13% in 2013. This would mean that online sales numbers would reach $262 billion, a whopping 31 billion dollars more than the previous year. Forrester also predicted that this surge in eCommerce sales would continue through 2017 eventually reaching $370 billion spent online.

US Online Retail Forecast expects growth in the number of US consumers shopping online to rise from 167 million last year to 192 million by 2016. Plus, the average amount spent by each consumer is expected to rise from $1,207 per annum to $1,738.This is a big boost and definitely shows that consumers are loving shopping with internet businesses as they are finding more or larger ticket items to fill their virtual shopping carts.

Consulting firm Booz & Company predicts the US online social network sales will grow by a heady 93% over the next half-decade with some $15 billion in revenues expected by 2015. This exemplifies that consumers are not only finding great products through online stores, but they are looking to social media to search for the best products. Social networking is a key essential to marketing an online store as it is an effective way to connect with consumers and show them they can trust and share your products with others.

The report also mentioned that only 4 million consumers in the US will begin shopping online this year, which means that most of the growth will come from current online shoppers. As consumers become more savvy at shopping online they will spend more time shopping there while spending even more money on the products to fill their lives. Therefore, you need to ask yourself.....
  • WHY NOT become apart of the expanding ecommerce industry? 
  • WHY NOT start an internet business you can run from any location? 
  • WHY NOT own an online store to get a "piece of the internet pie"?
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