Reason #16: Consumers Can Shop Your Internet Business in Many Different Ways and at Anytime!

Reason #16: Consumers Can Shop Your Internet Business in Many Different Ways and at Anytime!

In today's day and age, consumers are surrounded with options. People can choose to shop from anywhere these days - at home, at work, at school, in a car, on a plane and at any time! Why not try to dive into the ecommerce industry by owning an internet business where consumers can shop. Not only can shoppers use the normal laptop or PC, but they can now shop through their mobile phones and tablets too! This gives the consumers control to shop anytime, from anywhere and more often. In this post we will share with you information on how Mobile Marketing has had an impact on the internet industry. It is truly evident consumers are going mobile!

In a recent article by Internet Retailer, they reported, on average, 55% of mobile commerce sales occur on tablets while 45% stem from smartphones, according to data from 43 retailers. According to eMarketer, mobile devices account for a rapidly growing share of US retail ecommerce sales, and are expected to contribute to strong ecommerce sales growth this holiday season, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates.

eMarketer projects that retail ecommerce holiday sales in the US will rise about 15% again this year, matching last year’s gains. In total, US retail ecommerce sales for the holiday season—defined as November and December—are expected to reach $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion last year.

In total, eMarketer predicts retail mcommerce sales will reach $41.68 billion this year and by 2017, retail sales made on mobile devices will climb to well over $100 billion.
Mobile devices are helping to contribute to the sales growth in two ways, both of which drive total sales,
  1. Mobile devices are help consumers research products.
  2. Plus, mobile devices are driving consumers back to their desktops or tablets where they complete their purchases.
This year, eMarketer predicts, tablet retail mcommerce sales will hit $26.05 billion, or 62.5% of US retail mcommerce sales overall. That’s up from last year when tablets took a 56.2% share of mcommerce retail sales. For the full-year 2013, total US retail ecommerce sales are expected to reach $262.3 billion, growing by 16.4% during the year.

By owning an internet based business you have the ability to reach consumers in many different ways, you just need to make the choice to become your own boss and run your own internet business. To review other reason why you should own an internet business - here's a recap for you thus far in the Pure-Ecommerce 25 Reasons to Own an Internet Business Countdown:

Reason #1: Ecommerce Business is Easy to Start

Reason #2: Low Start Up & Maintenance Costs

Reason #3: Freedom to Run Your Internet Business from Anywhere

Reason #4: The Future is Here....and It's Ecommerce!

Reason #5: Flexibility to Run an Internet Business on Your Own Schedule

Reason #6: Ability to Learn Something New While Feeding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Reason #7: Control Your Income by Owning an Internet Business

Reason #8: No Geographic Limitations When You Own an Internet Business

Reason #9: Your Internet Business is Open 24/7

Reason #10: More Job Security When You Own an Internet Business

Reason #11: Ecommerce is Booming! Why Not Get a "Piece" of the Internet Pie

Reason #12: You Can Create and Have Better Control of Your Brand

Reason #13: Multiple Tax Benefits with Owning an Internet Business

Reason #14: From Teenager to Senior Citizen - Anyone Can Start an Internet Business

Reason #15: An Internet Business Gives You Access & Allows You to Offer More Products & Information to Consumers

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